Terms & Conditions



                                                                                                  The Board of Trustees

                                                                                         (Registered Charity No. 242801)

                                                                              2 Ewell Road, Long Ditton, Surrey. KT6 5LE


                                                                                           Conditions of Hire & Information

The Trustees serve in a voluntary capacity, which enables the hire charges for the Village Hall to be kept to a minimum. We therefore rely on the full co-operation of all Users in respecting these conditions.


                                                                                       HALL INFORMATION FOR HIRERS

1. Male, female and wheelchair accessible toilets are available on the ground floor of the main building, a uni-sex/wheelchair accessible toilet available to the Wallis Room. Male and female toilets are accessible for the Annex.

2. Kitchens, tables and chairs are provided for use free of charge.

3. Heating is provided as part of your hire. Thermostats MUST NOT be tampered with. 

3. There is a basic cleaning kit in each hall – Broom, dustpan and brush only.

4. There is no telephone or internet connection at the hall.

5. There is an Accident Book for each hall for recording incidents - located in the kitchen.

6. All Groups must provide their own First Aid Kit. 

7. All areas of the halls are linked by a common fire alarm system. Fire instructions are located alongside each alarm point and in the main entrance. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the procedures.

7. A Defibrillator is located near the main entrance.

8. The Bookings Manager is contactable on 07804 057 589, and Emergency Numbers are found on all the Noticeboards.



                                                                 Conditions of Hire for All Users 

1. No alcohol may be consumed in the halls at private/closed events or parties.

2. It is illegal to smoke anywhere on our premises.

3. We are located in a residential area so please be mindful of noise levels during your hire and on arrival/exiting the premises.

4. Children must be under adult supervision at all times: they should be accompanied by an adult at all times when they leave the hall hired.

5. Nothing should be stuck to the walls/floors in any halls using any adhesive fixings.

6. The kitchen and its electrical equipment are provided but cups/drinkware, plates, cutlery, jugs are not included, hirers must provide their own. 

7. No food or Drinks are to be left in the kitchens.

8. Hirers are responsible for their own rubbish – All Rubbish must be taken home at the end of their hire.

9. Please ensure that the floors are swept and spills and sticky spots cleaned. 

10. Kitchen surfaces, tables and chairs used must cleaned with antiviral cleaner, provided by yourselves, and be returned to their designated storage positions.

11. Any windows opened must be closed, and the lights switched off, when leaving the hall.  

12. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the building is locked and secure when they leave. 

13. Damage and/or breakages must be reported to the Bookings Manager.

14. The Trustees retain the right to charge for the cost of rectifying any damages caused by noncompliance with the above conditions of hire.